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Punta Chame Beach Panama
Playa Punta Chame.  From Panama City take the Panamerican Highway and turn left at 74 km.  Drive through a rough dirt road (4X4 only) for 26 km until you get to the beach.There is a fishing community in the area and you can buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen for as little as 50 cents a pound.  There is only one Motel and Restaurant called Punta Chame (tel. 240-5498).  Here you can get skate-surfing lessons, because this is the best beach for skate-surfing in Panama.  Punta Chame has a small airport.  From Punta Chame you can take a boat and visit the island of John Wayne.

Altos de Maria Panama
Altos del Maria.  This gated residential community has beautiful views and is located in Sora’s Highlands.  From Panama city turn right at 75.2 km and drive for 16 km on a paved road.

Gorgona Beach Panama
Playa Gorgona is 79.5 km from Panama city and it has 3 different beaches. Playa Malibu is a favourite spot for the surfers.  There is one more beach at the border of Gorgona and Coronado.  In the middle of those two beaches we find the third beach that is mostly used by fishermen.  Those 3 beaches are located 2.7 to 5 km from the Panamerican Hwy.  The asphalt paved road leads to the front of the ocean on the beach nearest to Coronado but to visit Malibu Beach you need a 4x4 vehicle because the road is bad. In Gorgona you will find Cabañas Rancho Bonito (tel. 240-6513), Cabañas Malibú (tel. 6592-9890), Cabañas Villanita (tel. 240-5314) and Cabañas Nueva Gorgona (tel. 240-6160).

Coronado Beach Panama
Playa Coronado is located 82.5 km from Panama city on the Panamerican Hwy.  The distance from the Hwy to the beach is 3 km. Playa Coronado is the oldest and most developed gated community in the zone.  Here you will find Hotels like Coronado Golf & Beach Resort (tel. 240-4444), Coronado Country Club (tel. 223-0200), La Gaviota B&B (tel. 224-9053) and the Pacific Hideaway (tel. 223-8597).  In this area you will find the only North American style supermarket called “Rey” that is open 24 hours a day.

Rocky Point Panama
Playa Rocky Point is 84 km from Panama city.  Take the road to Punta Barco and you will see a fork with three asphalt paved roads.  We take the left road to reach the beach that is 2.7 km from the Panamerican Hwy. This beach is somewhat contaminated because there is a fishing community using the area.  You can buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen for as little as 50 cents a pound.

Punta Barco Panama
Punta Barco is located on the Panamerican Hwy. 84 km from Panama city.  We take the middle road of the fork so we can reach the Punta Barco Beach Resort (tel. 240-4130) that is 2.5 km from the Panamerican Hwy. In this beach there is a gated residential development, a restaurant and an equestrian club.

Teta Beach Panama
Playa Teta is also called Old Punta Barco and can be reached by turning right on a 3-road fork. The beach is 3 km from the Panamerican Hwy. The last 2 km are a rough dirt road (4X4 only).  The dark sandy beach has some rocks and the sea is relatively clean.  There are no services. This is one of the best beaches for surfing.

Costa Esmeralda Beach
At 87.9 km from Panama City you will find Costa Esmeralda.  The 3 km paved road from Panamerican Hwy. leads to a gated community to the left that has some houses, a small restaurant and beach facilities.  The sea is clean and the beach has dark grey sand.  If we turn to the right of the gated community, we will reach a second beach that is deserted.  To reach this beach you will need to park your car and walk  for 5 minutes.  The sea here has a lot of rocks and a few sandy spots.
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