Medical Tourism and Offshore Income

How Income Real Estate with Bitcoin Backing eliminates Risks

100xROI Startup Investing for Disruptive Real Estate
Developments to Anchor Medical Tourism

Forgive the Politicians and Empower the acquiescing cowards who allowed them to take away the freedom of our Future generations. Humanity will enjoy peace without casualties when Patriots understand how to love their enemy and stop all wars by breaking the knees of the Giant Beast that is attacking us and is forcing us to fight with one another.

Ordinary Law abiding family people will learn how Jurisprudence, Citizens’ Arrests and giving Amnesty to repentant Criminals, who pay for restorations, will starve off the Plutocrats that are conspiring at Davos.

Self-managed Healthcare

Dr Shinya Yamanaka is the 2012 Nobel Prize winner for Physiology or Medicine. He discovered that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent (iPS cells) for use in a Therapy protocol that doesn’t rely on umbilical cord banks that match our own cells for life extension.

In 2020, Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier won the 2020 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering the CRISPR/Cas9 genetic scissors that is the sharpest tool of Gene Technology.

Eight years after Dr. Yamanaka had received the Nobel Prize, medical researchers confirmed this non-invasive Stem Cell Therapy is safe since the iPS cells can be retrained in real-time with the CRIPR Cas9 Technology. Since 2020, Dr. Yamanaka has withdrawn from the public eye and is silently focused on Open Source Healthcare Science.

As of 2024, the FDA and other National Medical oversight Organizations continue supporting charlatans who charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide outdated, risky and invasive procedures. The pioneers, who can eradicate aging and diseases, are prosecuted.

Disruptive Oceanfront Real Estate Developments in Panama

The Main Oceanfront Boulevard in Panama City is called Cinta Costera.
It looks beautiful from far and it could rival the millionaires’ row in Miami Beach.

Just over 60 years ago the Ocean Drive in Panama City was actually a sandy beach. Gradually, it all went from bad to worse as the unprocessed city sewage was freely draining into the sea. 

About 30 years later, Professor Higa from the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, discovered a treatment of Effective Microorganisms (EM) to extract from a massive body of water all the sewage that would be suitable for fertilizers.

In 2002 Japan offered to clean up the beachfront. The government of Panama declined the offer unless Japan would agree to pay for the filthy sludge that they would have converted into fertilizer.

During Panama’s election campaign in 2019, Politicians publicized the Beach Restoration plan. They borrowed the funds from the IMF, 30% went to the Banks to buy US Treasury Bills, 70% went to Panama’s local ruling class and 100% + interest was recorded as collateral to guarantee that the International Banking Cartel can “legally” repossess the properties of the Panamanian people who can’t afford to pay property taxes for their own family home that they sometimes have owned for many generations. As usual, the elected government did nothing about the promised Beach Restoration Development.

What Politicians promised and their Government didn’t deliver

This platform is designed for the ordinary people stakeholders who are ready to take charge of their Civic Duties and Collaborate with other ordinary people stakeholders who have fully secured investment plans with goals to achieve minimum-risk 100xROI in Decentralized Disruptive Innovation Startup Accelerators on Blockchains.

Children and adults having fun on the water parks
Quick Installations of Floating Beach Areas
Fish Farming Wind turbine
Spray-sensor AI Agriculture
Wind turbine & Tidal wave Energy

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