A History of Disruption

Discover the incredible story of – the first implementation of a disruptive history that changed the landscape. Uncover how this initiative shaped the economic trajectory of Panama and influenced global innovations.

Real Estate: A Multifaceted Campaign started as a real estate portal but quickly evolved into a multifaceted campaign promoting the country’s real estate opportunities.

Discover how the campaign showcased Panama’s human resource potential, providing valuable insights for investors and entrepreneurs.

BitcoinPay.Directory Expanding Globally

Directory Expansion

In 2024, the directory from is expanding globally with BitcoinPay.Directory, offering enhanced opportunities and insights for users worldwide.

Global Decentralized Classified Ads

Understand the importance of learning from mistakes, capitalizing on new technologies, and paving the way for reparation and progress.

Discover how disruptive innovations and decentralized investments can reflect positively on a global scale, inspiring action beyond borders.

The Need for Government Accountability

Explore the philosophy of love-based P2P investments, aiming to make a positive impact amidst challenging circumstances.

Political Transparency
Understanding the critical need for transparency and accountability in governmental activities, especially relating to public projects and investments.
Technological Advancements
Leading the way in integrating technology and governance to combat corruption and ensure responsible use of resources.
If you wonder

Intercontinental Cross-cultural Romance

New Investment System

Learn how the system aims to prevent theft and foster inclusive opportunities for investment.

Floating Designs Reality

Understand the significance of bringing floating designs from concept to reality, dispelling any misconceptions or doubts.

Global Inspiration

Explore the potential global impact of Panama’s initiatives, inspiring positive change and innovation in other countries.

Emerging Opportunities with

Historical Roots

Explore the extensive history of and its impact in shaping a decentralized and adaptive approach to diverse collaborations and innovations.

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Explore how paved the way for decentralized communication before mainstream internet adoption.

Discover the early inception of activities, marked by significant contributions to internet commerce and decentralized communication networks.

Uncover the impact of the first and only internet commerce that generated millions within a short duration.

Activities of started way before the first implementation with the portal


In 1965 with legal Pirate Radio stations. Five years later DARPA forced governments to make it illegal.

In 1985, using the bulletin board system (BBS), local merchants and service providers legally reduced their tax exposure with Trust embedded in Distributed Ledgers. What was legal for the ruling class didn’t stand a chance to be defended in discretionary justice systems that are made by the oppressors to protect their interests.

At the time, Encryption was illegal and PCs had not gone mainstream. The participants in the Asynchronous Global deployment of Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) faced Draconian fines that forced them to abandon the Global BBS network. Operators of BBS networks were slaughtered by the illegal activities of Tax Offices around the world.


In 1992 the activities of collaborations advertised the 800 EAS-YYES telephone number in Late Night TV to protect decentralization of minority interest workers. It was the first and only Internet Commerce that generated millions of dollars withing 60 days. Two years later, Jeff Bezos was trying to make ends meet with theb Centralized Amazon and didn’t turn our profits till after the 2001 “dot com” when they used Wall Street tactics to start the stock manipulation that continues as of 2024

Finally the Decentralized Collaboration website of came online on the same year as Google.


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